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    Mingzhao Li, Zhifeng Bao, Timos Sellis, Shi Yan: Visualization-Aided Exploration of the Real Estate Data. ADC 2016: 435-439. (Best Demo Paper Award)

About us:
   Mr. Mingzhao Li (PhD Candidate, RMIT University)
   Dr. Zhifeng Bao (RMIT University)
   Prof. Timos Sellis (Swinbourne University of Technology)
   Mr. Shi Yan (Master Student, RMIT University)
   A/Prof. Rui Zhang (University of Melbourne)

   Mr. Binbin Tang (Sichun University)
   Mr. Paresh Kevat (Deakin University)
   Mr. Liangjun Song (RMIT University)
   Mr. Eric Zhu (University of Melbourne)
   Mr. David Alexander Tedjopurnomo (University of Melbourne)
   Mr. Shikai Huang (University of Melbourne)
   Mr. Chenxu Zhao (University of Melbourne)
   Mr. Zelong Cong (University of Melbourne)
   Mr. Dong Wang (University of Melbourne)
   Ms. Wen Zhang (University of Melbourne)